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Pole Dance & Fitness Classes

 Try Something New Today

Anyone can try pole fitness, it' a great way to workout and lots of fun! We aim to create a happy and safe environment where everyone feels welcome. We have classes suited to all levels including those who have never tried pole before.

Our classes and workshops will cover everything including, strength and conditioning, tricks, combos, modern choreography and exotic pole dance. Whether your focus is technique, flexibility, dance or you’re just looking for a fun new way to work out, you can find it here. Pole Fitness can help you build strength, stamina, flexibility and confidence. 

1-2-1 Training

Pole Fitness is a great way to workout. It can help you loose weight, gain strength, improve stamina and boost confidence. 

1-2-1 training can ensure you get the most our of your lesson and help you reach you goals. 

Bring a Friend

Want to try a class with a friend or 2? Private lessons available for small groups of up to 4.

A great way to workout together and you can even try some doubles tricks!

Tailored for You

Private lessons are 100% tailored for you, with your goals and abilities in mind. You can choose what we focus on, whether that's strength building, tricks, choreography or a bit of everything!


Discounts available for block bookings. Please contact me for more details.

1-2-1 Lesson - £30

Class of 2 - £45

Class of 3 - £55

Class of 4 - £65


Amy Aroona 

Email: peacocksandpole@gmail.com

Telephone: 07495886157

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Pole Gallery

Examples of Pole Fitness and what classes will include. 


My name is Amy and I've been doing pole fitness for 8 years. I started at university and have been hooked ever since. It's a great workout, helping to build strength and flexibility. I love that it makes me feel strong and confident. If I can hang upside down with one leg then I can do anything! Pole fitness has so many different styles; contemporary, exotic, fitness and I enjoy them all. Pole fitness can help you realise how strong and sexy you are, all at the same time. 

My biggest tip for newbies would be, don't let fear get in the way. If you think you're not strong enough to try pole, think again, pole is for everyone! I'm currently teaching group classes and offering private lessons in Bromley.