The Pole Dance Community (PDC) is an advisory and awarding body established in 2009 to help self regulate pole dancing instructors and studios. Their Advancement and Accreditation Programme (AAP) give dancers the opportunity to focus their training and undertake gradings to chart their achievement and progression. PDC Levels include moves from their Core Syllabus.  The syllabus includes moves from beginners to advanced, pole tricks and floorwork. 

I am a Level 3 PDC Approved Instructor and AAP Authorised Grading Assessor. For those students looking to challenge themselves, I can offer tailored lessons to work towards Levels 1-4 of the PDC syllabus as well as assessing students and awarding grades.

Lessons can be booked individually or in blocks and assessments cost £15 each (including a certificate). 

If you are interested in working towards a PDC Grade, please use the link below to book a class. 


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